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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

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B-Movie Title Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostThis tutorial is inspired by the kooky and downright awesome titles from the 1940s / 1950s B-Movies. In this walkthrough we’ll be using type, compositing and processing techniques to create a creepy logo – loosely based on the ‘The Thing From Outer Space’ (1951) title sequence. (more…)

Cover Art Unleashed Article - Title PostWe’ve undergone some huge technological shifts the last decade, and the world of publishing is just one area that’s been turned on it’s head. For better or worse, there’s been an epic boom in self-publishing and small press releases. This is largerly due to the growing popularity of e-reader devices (Kindle, iPad, Nexus etc.) and distribution platforms such as Amazon… but what does this mean to the Digital Artist? (more…)

Ultimate Black and White Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostWhen it comes to processing / compositing in Photoshop, there’s always a broad number of paths you can take to achieve a certain goal. This is specifically true for Black and White processing, where you can achieve wildly different results using a variety of methods. (more…)

Top 5 Benefits of Attending Art SchoolWhether you’re a designer or an artist, you’ve probably entertained the idea of going to college or university to beef up your skillset and pursue your passion with a vengeance. With the huge costs in time, energy and finances; it’s a serious decision to make. In this article I’ll break down 5 hidden benefits of the art school experience. (more…)

Dark Abstract Photoshop Tutorial Title PostThere’s one genre of photomanipulation that we haven’t covered here yet at SurrealPSD, and that’s the Photoshop Abstract look. In this walkthrough, we’ll use illustrated and photographic elements to construct an elegant black and white composite. (more…)

Contour Shaping Photoshop Makeup Tutorial Title PostI came across some photos illustrating pro-makeup techniques, where the features of the face are accentuated by tones and then smudged accordingly.. I thought this would transfer well to Photoshop, and after some experimentation it turns out this is a pretty swish processing technique. (more…)

5 Surefire Ways to Kickstart your Marketing Efforts - Title PostWhether you’re a Digital Artist, Self-Pub Author or even a Record Label – there’s a handful of universal truths that can give you the edge in your marketing endeavours. (more…)

Dreamy Painted Style Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostI’ve always admired the Digital Artists who could go beyond the medium, and create ‘real’ fine-art. The painterly, natural media look is awesome, and I’ve always been jealous of those that can do it well. In a new experiment, I set out to replicate these techniques – and in todays tutorial, I’ll be sharing my new process with you. (more…)

White Glossy Eyes Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostIn macabre and horror, there’s nothing quite like those white, vacant dead eyes. I love this look, and would argue it’s my most frequently used horror effect in Photoshop. With this revised walkthrough, you can produce realistic, glossy white eyes in just a few simple steps. (more…)

Photomanipulation Terms Explained - Title PostPhotomanipulation is a ferociously popular artform now, with hobbyists and professionals worldwide creating and innovating in a broad range of visual styles. To the newcomer, many of the terms may seem esoteric and foreign, so in this article we’ll break down the language used in the discussion and instruction of Photomanipulation art. (more…)

Digital Collage Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostIn this walkthrough we’ll be experimenting with a mixed media aesthetic, using vintage scans and various textures to create a Digital Collage in Photoshop. (more…)

Removing Objects Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostContent Aware Fill, Spot Healing Brush – you name it.. there’s tonnes of snazzy ways to remove objects in Photoshop, and every tool has it’s uses. In this tutorial we look at three techniques for removing elements from a photo, including Content Aware Fill, the Patch Tool and Digital Painting techniques for trickier tasks. (more…)

Freelancing - Repeat Business is Everything - Title PostFreelancing full-time is a great way make a living, and has many benefits that can’t be found in the traditional 9-5.. but it’s not without it’s perils. To sustain a ‘liveable’ income and beyond, repeat business is crucial for survival. (more…)

Bloodshot Eyes Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostFor the final installment of this years Terror Season, we have a grisly bloodshot eye effect, which is certain to add serious menace to any horror photomanipulation!! (more…)

Nov 2013Designer jealously. We’ve all been there, whether we care to admit it or not. (more…)