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SurrealPSD Tutorial Index

Creepy and Unique Jewellery and Decor

About is a Photoshop tutorial website dedicated to the art of photo manipulation. With a tight focus on creative techniques, the site pays particular homage to Horror, Sci Fi and Fantasy themes; and aims to provide guidance to Digital Artists of every level.

SurrealPSD was founded by Conzpiracy Digital Arts, a photoshop specialist and lecturer with 16 years experience designing for print media.


The Team


Conzpiracy Profile Pic

Conzpiracy – Tutorials

I started out in the Drum n Bass scene, and have been producing commercial art since I was 14 years old. I now design book covers in the Horror genre. Im a Photoshop specialist and I enjoy horror, cyberpunk, cinema, comics & MMA.

Conzpiracy Online: Website | DeviantArt | Twitter


Kiren in Digital Profile Pic

KireninDigital – Features Editor

For over 10 years I’ve been developing my skills in the digital world, while designing numerous album covers and personal art projects in the process. I have a huge appreciation for the arts, music and design communities, and believe these are what keep me inspired and motivated.

Kiren Online: Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter


Eve Livesey Profile Pic

Eve Livesey – Stock Photography

Eve decided to pursue a career in photography in 2008 and since then her photos have appeared in numerous journals, magazines & websites. She currently works as a freelance photographer & digital artist in Madrid, Spain providing free stock photos online and sells her photos on Getty Images and Dreamstime.

Eve Livesey Online: Website | Twitter | Flickr | DA Art | DA Stock

Seff01 Profile Pic

Seff01 – Social Media

Hey, I’m a self-taught photo compositer / re-toucher with a huge appreciation for art with a digital edge. Im always on the lookout for cutting edge work and connecting with other artists. Check out my work at the following places.

Seff01 Online: DeviantArt | Twitter | Shadowness | Behance