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Art System Photoshop – Release Date Confirmed


Art System Photoshop Teaser - Title PostHi guys, this post is a little update on a project I’ve had in the pipeline for quite a while now. I have always felt that there’s a better method for learning Photoshop, not covered by the traditional training courses available. I finally got the opportunity to test my theories when I was invited to teach at Canterbury Christchurch University, where I worked with hundreds of awesome students across two campuses.


Art System Photoshop

The majority of my students who put the required hours in, improved their skill-set more in the first two months than I did in my first 6 years of intensive practice!! Many of these guys had never used Photoshop before, which is slightly infuriating – but it had me excited nonetheless :P

I took the concept and delivered the content to three Higher Ed year groups, Masterclass Sessions (16-17yr olds), Youth Workshops (11-18yr olds) and Private Coaching – everyone who took a genuine interest and applied themselves were achieving broadcast quality work in a very short amount of time.


The Jugular

I don’t believe in outlining every single function in Photoshop, there’s just too much there – this is where I feel other courses have got it wrong. I don’t believe that learning a collection of ‘tricks’ is efficient either; that’s the method I used, and it took me over a decade to piece things together.

My method is this – get the ‘Core Skills’ figured out right at the very beginning, with that foundation in place, you can go on to develop your own style and fill in the gaps where needed. Prevent overwhelm, progress faster.

Student Work by Rage Brahimi

Triangle by Rageport

More than a Technician..

Art System Photoshop is very much based on Photomanipulation and Fine Art. My students were encouraged to step away from the software from time to time, build visual awareness and understand some of the basic principles of art theory.

The number one issue I identified with newbies, wasn’t a software misunderstanding, it was composition!! Anyone can be a technician, to be an artist it requires a little extra 8-)



The number one question I get on SurrealPSD is ‘How do I get started in Freelance?‘. Ive put a few articles together on the site, but decided to create an entire course, and put it out with Art System Photoshop. Again, it’s an amalgamation of 16 years of trial and error condensed into one package!

Art System Photoshop Logo


When’s it Landing?

The course is still in production, but Im going to say this thing is going to be live on 15th July 2013 – procrastination be damned!! Prior to that, Im going to put out a mini-course to everyone on our email list, for free. To get the Photomanipulation mini-course, just wack your email in below, and I’ll give you a shoutout when it’s rolling:

I look forward to sharing more info later. Feel free to shoot any questions!

Conzz 8-)

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7 Responses to “Art System Photoshop – Release Date Confirmed”

  1. Glenn Mellor says:


  2. Salemik says:

    Can’t wait for the start Dean. It must take a lot of work and I hope it all goes well for you.

    So how is it going to work? Is the course in “units”? I’m assuming those not in at the start won’t be at a disadvantage.

  3. That’s excellent news and thank you very much for making this available for subscribers !

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