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B-Movie Title – Photoshop Type Tutorial


B-Movie Title Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostThis tutorial is inspired by the kooky and downright awesome titles from the 1940s / 1950s B-Movies. In this walkthrough we’ll be using type, compositing and processing techniques to create a creepy logo – loosely based on the ‘The Thing From Outer Space’ (1951) title sequence. Lots of uses for this one, head on to the video for the full breakdown…


The Mutant!!

Here’s a look at the example piece for this walkthrough – The Mutant!! Very imaginative, I know :P

B-Movie Title Photoshop Type Tutorial - Example Piece

Lesson Resources:

Resurgere Mud Pack (DeviantArt)

Smoke – I by MD-Arts (DeviantArt) (Horror Fonts)


The Video Tutorial:



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