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Bosslogic .PSD Download


Bosslogic PSD TitlepostBosslogic, Photoshop Jedi and friend of SurrealPSD has kindly donated one of his .PSD files, which gives an awesome breakdown sharing the secrets behind his ‘Neon’ style. Twist up those Layer Styles like never before – grab the .PSD, have a look and see how it’s done. A true gentleman, thanks Bossman!

Bosslogic Inc Facebook | @Bosslogic Twitter


Click the Image to download the .PSD File (7MB) >>

Bosslogic PSD Full Pic

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4 Responses to “Bosslogic .PSD Download”

  1. Connie Krejci says:

    Thank you. I learned something. Your technique is great. I thought the glow was going to be Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow. I love how you lightened with the gradient also.

    • conzpiracy says:

      Hey Connie. So glad you enjoyed the PSD. Full credit for this one goes to the amazing Boss Logic. Be sure to check out his other works, the guy is a lighting master!!

  2. Richard Robbins says:

    This was an artistic rush to see it was free & a blessing to have learned new techniques that were exactly what I needed. Gracious arigato!

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