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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

SurrealPSD Tutorial Index

Master the Art of Photo Manipulation

Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts


Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts Title Post

As you become more familiar with the Photoshop interface, you’ll find that you produce work with greater speed and efficiency. Shortcuts are very useful for streamlining the creative process, so here I have listed my essential Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts. Read more

Site review:

12Aug title postAs a commercial Digital Artist there is a limited amount of time that I can spend interacting and promoting on the social-art sites. For this reason I’m very selective when it comes to choosing which sites to invest my time in. Read more

Raw Deal Project (Part 3)


Raw Deal Project (Part 3) Title PostWith renewed vigour, I’ll be having another crack at the Raw Deal III piece today. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a fair bit of the scenery done to flesh out the environment, but as we all know – anything can happen! Read more

Stay up to date with SurrealPSD


SurrealPSD Updates Title Post

SurrealPSD – Learn the art of photo manipulation! I’d like to put out a big shout to everyone who has supported SurrealPSD in it’s formative months. Read more

Raw Deal Project (Part 2)


Raw Deal Project p2 Title PostAt this stage of the process I hunt down stock resources to use in my photo manipulation.  Read more

Raw Deal Project (Part 1)


Raw Deal Project p1 title postPhotoshop walkthroughs are great, they can provide unique insight into the workflow of an artist and demystify the creative process. For obvious reasons walkthroughs are concise in their nature, explaining the A-Z of how to achieve a particular outcome; but how true are they to the real artistic journey? Read more

The Logic of SurrealPSD


SurrealPSD is a tutorial website, that much is true – but what I aim to create is an entirely different creature altogether. For the first two months of posting, I will be refraining from uploading ‘whizz-bang’ crowd pleasing tutorials, because I believe that learning the fundamentals of Photoshop is the true key to unlocking our creative potential. Read more

Coming up next..


Brace yourselves folks! There will be a beast-load of content uploaded within the next month and a half, with at least two updates per week. There’s been a gap in content due to university commitments, but all tertiary missions are finally out of the way. Read more

The ‘Cyber-Girl’ is a popular theme in photo manipulation, and is a style championed by the insanely talented MichaelO, as well as hordes of imitators on DeviantArt. To celebrate this popular sub-genre (and to break off from the prior two ‘wordy’ posts) here is a round-up of the Top Ten Cyber Girls for creative inspiration!


Read more

Why Photo manipulation rules


The 21st century is an exciting time to be a creative, we’re fortunate to have a multitude of avenues available for digital creative pursuits, alongside the more traditional means of creating artwork. To be a Photo Manipulator is the ultimate in artistic expression – you can appropriate sketches, photographic elements, 3D, natural textures, absolutely anything to create original compositions. Read more