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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

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Photomanipulation Terms Explained - Title PostPhotomanipulation is a ferociously popular artform now, with hobbyists and professionals worldwide creating and innovating in a broad range of visual styles. To the newcomer, many of the terms may seem esoteric and foreign, so in this article we’ll break down the language used in the discussion and instruction of Photomanipulation art. Read more

Rule of Thirds Photoshop Video Tutorial Title PostComposition is the number one skill over-looked by tutorial sites across the board.. This irks me somewhat as it is one of the most powerful skill-sets required in the visual arts. Amateurs learn ‘tricks’, pros learn fundamentals! Read more

Fantasy Lighting – Expert Tips


Fantasy Lighting Photoshop Tips Title PostIm a bit of a specialist, I can handle complex mechanical works or sultry ‘vogue-ish’ pin-ups – but Ive never been too hot at ‘ethereal’ lighting. Vibrant light is a huge part of Fantasy photomanipulation art, so I thought I’d bring in some experts to provide the lowdown on deep hue lighting. Read more

Colour Inspiration Title PostColour theory and it’s application has always been a weakness of mine, so it’s always great to find resources that demystifies this element of the visual arts. Fantasio has produced an awesome guide that looks at colour and showcases a number of free tools that can assist in your colour work. Read more

How to use Colour


Ive just stumbled across a great article that looks closely at colour theory and it’s uses / applications. The info is particularly useful for designers, however these concepts are universal across the visual arts. Get more from your colours with this awesome guide! Read more

More than just a pretty picture, movie posters have one serious motive: To get you to the theaters. Read more

Scale and Composition in Photoshop titlepostDeveloping a working knowledge of Photoshop can take a couple of months of intense practice. With that amount of time you can get to grips with the Layer system, Masks, Adjustments and the Pen Tool – the real meat of the software. The question is, how do you take your work to the next level? Read more

Know your Basics – Perspective


Know your Basics - Perspective Title PostWe’re huge fans of Kuschelirmel’s work here at SurrealPSD, so we’re pleased to report that she has posted a new edition to the ‘Know your Basics’ series. Read more

Depth of Field in Photo Manipulation title postThere are a number of compositional tools available to the visual artist when creating the illusion of depth and space. The human eye perceives the environment in a certain way; replicating these conditions can help produce more dynamic, believable work. Read more

Colour Theory & Composition


colour theory and composition title postKuschelirmel of DeviantArt has started an awesome article series on DeviantArt covering the uses of art-theory in photo manipulation – so I thought I’d give the readers here a headsup. Read more