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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

SurrealPSD Tutorial Index

Dark Abstract Photoshop Tutorial Title PostThere’s one genre of photomanipulation that we haven’t covered here yet at SurrealPSD, and that’s the Photoshop Abstract look. In this walkthrough, we’ll use illustrated and photographic elements to construct an elegant black and white composite. Read more

Dreamy Painted Style Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostI’ve always admired the Digital Artists who could go beyond the medium, and create ‘real’ fine-art. The painterly, natural media look is awesome, and I’ve always been jealous of those that can do it well. In a new experiment, I set out to replicate these techniques – and in todays tutorial, I’ll be sharing my new process with you. Read more

Digital Collage Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostIn this walkthrough we’ll be experimenting with a mixed media aesthetic, using vintage scans and various textures to create a Digital Collage in Photoshop. Read more

Compositing Animals Photoshop Tutorial - Title Post‘Back in the day, dealing with fur, hair and complex selections was a real nightmare!! Adobe introduced the new Refine Edge function, which started to get really good by Photoshop CS5 – now these tasks are an absolute breeze in comparison the Layer Mask shenanigans of olde. Read more

Muertos Style Photoshop Tutorial


Muertos Photoshop Tutorial Title PostWhen explaining the art of Photo Manipulation to the un-initiated, I always use the analogy of ‘collage on steroids’. For our latest Muertos inspired tutorial, that metaphor rings particularly true! Read more

Giger Style Photoshop Tutorial


Giger Photoshop Tutorial Title PostFor the final installment of our Sci-Fi series, I thought it would be good to up the ante and do something real crazy. The following walkthrough outlines the techniques and resources used to create a Giger influenced ‘Biomech’ piece. Read more

Sci Fi Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostWhether they’re big budget smashes or critical failures, movie posters represent some of the best compositing work on the planet. In this walkthrough we’ll be using compositing techniques, lighting and type to create a Sci Fi flavoured ‘one-sheet’ to promote a fictional film. Read more

Compositing and Selecting Hair Photoshop CS5 Title PostSoftware versions come and go,  more often than not with minor updates and tweaks. Photoshop CS5 however is something of a game-changer, packed with new features that are indispensible such as an improved Refine Edge command and Puppet Warp etc. Dealing with hair has always been the stickler in Photoshop, but times they are a changing.. Read more

Pen Tool Background Removal


Pen Tool Background Removal Title PostIsolating items with clarity and finesse isn’t solely a fine-art pursuit in Photoshop, professional background removal is a common undertaking in the world of Digital Design. Read more

Photo Manip Deconstructed


Photo Manip Deconstructed Title PostWe talk a lot about ‘Core Skills here at SurrealPSD, the essential Photoshop tools and techniques used in the art of photo manipulation. Today we’re going to be looking at a new manip and breaking down the processes used to create it. Read more

Layer Mask Background Removal Title PostLayer Masks are an essential component of Photoshop, allowing the user to have full control over the blending and compositing of images and effects. New users often rely on the magnetic lasso or quick selection tools for background removal tasks,  however with Layer Masks you can achieve much greater accuracy. Read more

Brunette Background Removal


Brunette Background Removal in PhotoshopHeres a quick tip to keep things moving before the next Photoshop Android installment; dealing with the pesky issue of hair removal in Photoshop. Read more

Photoshop Layers 2 Title Post In Photoshop Layers Part 1 we examined the basic concept of layers;  a means to edit multiple elements independently. There is however, a lot more functionality beyond that such as creating layer groups, selecting multiple layers and merging layers. This article will explore the more frequently used layer controls, enough to develop a decent workflow and harness the true power of the software. Read more

Photoshop Layers Tutorial Title Post

Much of the versatility and power behind Photoshop lies in the layers system used for editing. In a nutshell layers are simply a vertical stack of elements, the benefit of working like this means you can tweak a certain part of your composition without affecting the rest of the image. Read more

10 photo manipulation tips for beginnersThe  initial steps of learning Photoshop is all about experimentation – creative play that familiarises the user with the software and learning through trial and error. If you would like to further develop your skills and produce visually pleasing work, there are a few simple tips that can aid in your progression. Read more