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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

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Dark Abstract Photoshop Tutorial Title PostThere’s one genre of photomanipulation that we haven’t covered here yet at SurrealPSD, and that’s the Photoshop Abstract look. In this walkthrough, we’ll use illustrated and photographic elements to construct an elegant black and white composite. Read more

Dreamy Painted Style Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostI’ve always admired the Digital Artists who could go beyond the medium, and create ‘real’ fine-art. The painterly, natural media look is awesome, and I’ve always been jealous of those that can do it well. In a new experiment, I set out to replicate these techniques – and in todays tutorial, I’ll be sharing my new process with you. Read more

White Glossy Eyes Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostIn macabre and horror, there’s nothing quite like those white, vacant dead eyes. I love this look, and would argue it’s my most frequently used horror effect in Photoshop. With this revised walkthrough, you can produce realistic, glossy white eyes in just a few simple steps. Read more

Digital Collage Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostIn this walkthrough we’ll be experimenting with a mixed media aesthetic, using vintage scans and various textures to create a Digital Collage in Photoshop. Read more

Muertos Style Photoshop Tutorial


Muertos Photoshop Tutorial Title PostWhen explaining the art of Photo Manipulation to the un-initiated, I always use the analogy of ‘collage on steroids’. For our latest Muertos inspired tutorial, that metaphor rings particularly true! Read more

Fantasy Lighting – Expert Tips


Fantasy Lighting Photoshop Tips Title PostIm a bit of a specialist, I can handle complex mechanical works or sultry ‘vogue-ish’ pin-ups – but Ive never been too hot at ‘ethereal’ lighting. Vibrant light is a huge part of Fantasy photomanipulation art, so I thought I’d bring in some experts to provide the lowdown on deep hue lighting. Read more

Photoshop Body Paint Tutorial


Photoshop Body Paint Tutorial Title PostIm pleased to announce the start of a new ‘Fantasy’ season here at SurrealPSD, focusing on more lighthearted photomanipulation techniques. We can’t be macabre all the time!! Read more

the-crow-digital-painting-tutorial-titlepostOver the past few years, Ive really tried to up my digital painting game – and Im always on the lookout for different approaches to the artform. One of my DA buddies, Whiley Dunsmore (FAI20G) has put together this amazing tutorial exclusively for the readers of SurrealPSD, Read more

For the first in the ‘Core-Skills’ series of tutorials, we will be looking at the anatomy of a photo manipulation and some of the secrets behind succesful composition. Read more