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Cover Art Unleashed Article - Title PostWe’ve undergone some huge technological shifts the last decade, and the world of publishing is just one area that’s been turned on it’s head. For better or worse, there’s been an epic boom in self-publishing and small press releases. This is largerly due to the growing popularity of e-reader devices (Kindle, iPad, Nexus etc.) and distribution platforms such as Amazon… but what does this mean to the Digital Artist? Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Attending Art SchoolWhether you’re a designer or an artist, you’ve probably entertained the idea of going to college or university to beef up your skillset and pursue your passion with a vengeance. With the huge costs in time, energy and finances; it’s a serious decision to make. In this article I’ll break down 5 hidden benefits of the art school experience. Read more

5 Surefire Ways to Kickstart your Marketing Efforts - Title PostWhether you’re a Digital Artist, Self-Pub Author or even a Record Label – there’s a handful of universal truths that can give you the edge in your marketing endeavours. Read more

How to Create Flyer Previews for Clients title postCreating Event Flyers is a great way to flex your Photo Manipulation skill-set and make some money in the process. By using shortcuts, you can easily tackle one of the more repetitive tasks in flyer design, creating previews for clients. Read more

The Reality of Freelance Title PostWhen I was 15, I had literally no idea what I was doing. I knew I loved digital art and I knew I wanted to create it for other people – it was here that my freelance journey began. Read more

Fantasio Copyright Article Title PostFriend of SurrealPSD and all-round virtuouso Oliver Wetter has posted a great article examining Copyright Law inĀ  the world of digital art. As a sharp subject, it’s all too easy for everyone to get hysterical about IP (DeviantArt!) – however this feature takes a sober look into the issues at hand. Read more

The road to perfection is no easy task, actually, it’s impossible to be absolutely perfect. Read more

How Much To Charge For Design Work?


This could be the biggest question of all to ask yourself, what should I charge the client for my design work? Read more

A Guide To Image Resolution In Print


Sooner or later, all designers have to tackle this very important hurdle, image resolution! Read more

Site Review:


From a designer’s and artist’s perspective, you are always looking for new ways to promote yourself on the web. There are a great deal of art sites around but only a few are quality. Read more

Freelance advice for the fine artist title postThe righteous journey is often long and arduous.. It’s a sorry fact that being good ‘isn’t good enough’, so you’ve got to pull up your sleeves and put in some serious promo work to get noticed in this day and age.. Read more

10 tips for University Success


10 tips for university success title post It’s the start of a new academic year, a good time to make a post about higher education. Read more

Site review:

12Aug title postAs a commercial Digital Artist there is a limited amount of time that I can spend interacting and promoting on the social-art sites. For this reason I’m very selective when it comes to choosing which sites to invest my time in. Read more

Producing Flyers in Photoshop


Producing Flyers in Photoshop Title PostSo.. You’ve been asked to produce an event flyer in Photoshop. Your concept is awesome and you feel confident that you can create a great looking piece of design; but what about all the finnicky details to ensure your work will be ‘print-ready’ once complete? Read more

10 ways to Increase Exposure on DeviantArtWhen you are part of a community for an extended period of time, you notice certain patterns emerge.. Read more