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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

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Master the Art of Photo Manipulation

Producing Flyers in Photoshop


Producing Flyers in Photoshop Title PostSo.. You’ve been asked to produce an event flyer in Photoshop. Your concept is awesome and you feel confident that you can create a great looking piece of design; but what about all the finnicky details to ensure your work will be ‘print-ready’ once complete? Read more

10 ways to Increase Exposure on DeviantArtWhen you are part of a community for an extended period of time, you notice certain patterns emerge.. Read more

10 photo manipulation tips for beginnersTheĀ  initial steps of learning Photoshop is all about experimentation – creative play that familiarises the user with the software and learning through trial and error. If you would like to further develop your skills and produce visually pleasing work, there are a few simple tips that can aid in your progression. Read more

Work Experience for Digital Artists At my university I sometimes hear Students asking why they aren’t gaining industry experience or work placements through their institution, and ask what placement programs are available. Read more