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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

SurrealPSD Tutorial Index

Fantasy Lighting – Expert Tips


Fantasy Lighting Photoshop Tips Title PostIm a bit of a specialist, I can handle complex mechanical works or sultry ‘vogue-ish’ pin-ups – but Ive never been too hot at ‘ethereal’ lighting. Vibrant light is a huge part of Fantasy photomanipulation art, so I thought I’d bring in some experts to provide the lowdown on deep hue lighting. Read more

Bosslogic .PSD Download


Bosslogic PSD TitlepostBosslogic, Photoshop Jedi and friend of SurrealPSD has kindly donated one of his .PSD files, which gives an awesome breakdown sharing the secrets behind his ‘Neon’ style. Twist up those Layer Styles like never before – grab the .PSD, have a look and see how it’s done. Read more

Sci Fi Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostWhether they’re big budget smashes or critical failures, movie posters represent some of the best compositing work on the planet. In this walkthrough we’ll be using compositing techniques, lighting and type to create a Sci Fi flavoured ‘one-sheet’ to promote a fictional film. Read more

movie poster lighting photoshop tutorial title postMovie Posters can be highly emotive examples of Photoshop compositing and design. There are a broad range of techniques used to grab a viewers attention and deliver maximum impact. Read more

Photographic Lighting On A Budget


Having the proper tools to shoot your own stock can get expensive, lighting equipment and backdrops are not cheap by any means. Read more

Highlights in Photo Manipulation


Highlights in Photo Manipulation Title PostPhoto Manipulation is unique in the fact that you can combine the surreal concepts of fine-art with the clarity of photo-realism. Once you have a basic understanding of Photoshop, you will find that your focus shifts to more artistic pursuits such as producing lighting effects and environments. Read more

Lighting in Photo Manipulation Part 3 Title PostFill lights, reflected light (speculars) and radiosity are all aspects of the lighting game that took me a little longer to get my head around. Read more

Lighting in  photo manipulation part 2Equipped with a basic understanding of the physics of light, it’s time to go ahead and apply these principles in Photoshop. Read more

Lighting in photo manipulation p1 title postTo achieve a sense of realism in your photo manipulation work, understanding light and manipulating it to your needs is a fundamental skill. Read more