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Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

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Photoshop Rage Virus Tutorial


photoshop rage virus tutorial - title postWe are very excited to kick off a brand new TERROR SEASON for 2013, in celebration of Halloween. 4 weeks, 4 brand new Horror Tutorials!! To get things started, we have a deliciously vicious Rage Virus walkthrough, inspired by the infected ‘sprinters’ from the 28 Days Later franchise. Read more

Compositing Animals Photoshop Tutorial - Title Post‘Back in the day, dealing with fur, hair and complex selections was a real nightmare!! Adobe introduced the new Refine Edge function, which started to get really good by Photoshop CS5 – now these tasks are an absolute breeze in comparison the Layer Mask shenanigans of olde. Read more

Muertos Style Photoshop Tutorial


Muertos Photoshop Tutorial Title PostWhen explaining the art of Photo Manipulation to the un-initiated, I always use the analogy of ‘collage on steroids’. For our latest Muertos inspired tutorial, that metaphor rings particularly true! Read more

How to Create Flyer Previews for Clients title postCreating Event Flyers is a great way to flex your Photo Manipulation skill-set and make some money in the process. By using shortcuts, you can easily tackle one of the more repetitive tasks in flyer design, creating previews for clients. Read more

Gothic Makeover Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostI try to keep things fresh whilst getting our Art System Photoshop course finished, so I thought I’d record a fun Gothic Makeover video tutorial to whet your appetite for what’s to come! Read more

Rule of Thirds Photoshop Video Tutorial Title PostComposition is the number one skill over-looked by tutorial sites across the board.. This irks me somewhat as it is one of the most powerful skill-sets required in the visual arts. Amateurs learn ‘tricks’, pros learn fundamentals! Read more

Cinematic Sharpening Photoshop Video TutorialEveryone has their little ‘go-to’ tricks in a workflow, and this one has been a firm favourite of mine for a couple of years now. It’s a nice simple technique for adding a touch of severity and ‘drama’ to a piece, when you’ve finished up – and want to share online or send to the client / print. Read more

Flaming Skull Photoshop Tutorial


Blurring the lines between pKIDTutorialhoto manipulation and traditional art has never been more fun! With this tutorial, you will learn a few tricks on how to convert your ordinary stock into painterly works of art. Read more

The Reality of Freelance Title PostWhen I was 15, I had literally no idea what I was doing. I knew I loved digital art and I knew I wanted to create it for other people – it was here that my freelance journey began. Read more

Fantasy Lighting – Expert Tips


Fantasy Lighting Photoshop Tips Title PostIm a bit of a specialist, I can handle complex mechanical works or sultry ‘vogue-ish’ pin-ups – but Ive never been too hot at ‘ethereal’ lighting. Vibrant light is a huge part of Fantasy photomanipulation art, so I thought I’d bring in some experts to provide the lowdown on deep hue lighting. Read more

Student Feature 2012 – 2013


Student Feature 2012-2013 Title PostLecturing at Canterbury Christchurch University (Broadstairs Campus, Canterbury Campus) is by far the greatest ‘day-job’ I’ve ever had. I teach a number of different modules, however it’s the ‘Advanced Photoshop’ lectures where we seriously refine our creative practice. Featured here is a selection of works by students I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. Read more

Photoshop Body Paint Tutorial


Photoshop Body Paint Tutorial Title PostIm pleased to announce the start of a new ‘Fantasy’ season here at SurrealPSD, focusing on more lighthearted photomanipulation techniques. We can’t be macabre all the time!! Read more

Bosslogic .PSD Download


Bosslogic PSD TitlepostBosslogic, Photoshop Jedi and friend of SurrealPSD has kindly donated one of his .PSD files, which gives an awesome breakdown sharing the secrets behind his ‘Neon’ style. Twist up those Layer Styles like never before – grab the .PSD, have a look and see how it’s done. Read more

Giger Style Photoshop Tutorial


Giger Photoshop Tutorial Title PostFor the final installment of our Sci-Fi series, I thought it would be good to up the ante and do something real crazy. The following walkthrough outlines the techniques and resources used to create a Giger influenced ‘Biomech’ piece. Read more

Sci Fi Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostWhether they’re big budget smashes or critical failures, movie posters represent some of the best compositing work on the planet. In this walkthrough we’ll be using compositing techniques, lighting and type to create a Sci Fi flavoured ‘one-sheet’ to promote a fictional film. Read more