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Colour Theory & Composition


colour theory and composition title postKuschelirmel of DeviantArt has started an awesome article series on DeviantArt covering the uses of art-theory in photo manipulation – so I thought I’d give the readers here a headsup. The first two entries examine Colour Theory and Composition, with the concepts explained in a clear, accessible manner. A basic understanding of some of the theoretical considerations can really help make your Photoshop work more engaging.


Know your Basics – Colour Theory (the manip way)

Most of us have heard about Colour Theory – be it in school or on dA or as a term thrown about by someone somewhere. But what exactly is it? And how do you use it? This is what this article is striving to explain especially in regards to photomanipulation

Know your Basics – Composition (the manip way)

The Rule of Thirds is another one of those expressions that you have probably heard before somewhere but aren’t quite sure what it means. This article strives to shed some light on this rule as well as on how to use lines and shapes in your compositions to lead the viewer’s eye to the important bits. There are some compositional rules and pointers that no artist should go without knowing!

photoshop composition rule of thirds 2

Photoshop Composition Rule of Thirds

Check out Kuschelirmel’s sites for plenty more first-rate photo manipulation resources:

Kuschelirmel DeviantArt | Jasmin Junger Official Site

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