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Core Skills: Photoshop Levels [HD] Video Tutorial


Photoshop Levels

The Levels command in Photoshop is one of the most frequently used tools in the photo manipulators arsenal. To the layman this function may not appear that glamorous, but it’s one of those things that you’ll return to time and again, regardless of the project. Put simply, Levels can boost or lower the intensity of the tonal range of an image, something that’s particularly important when compositing multiple images.


When using the levels command in conjunction with adjustment layers, you are afforded a whole new element of control. Check out the HD tutorial below to get the full skinny:


Select 720p for full HD!



• Hit Ctrl+L (Mac: Cmd+L) to quick launch the Levels command.
• The histogram represent the shadows, midtones and highlights of an image.
• Experimentation is key, be wary of ‘overdoing’ the intensity however.
• Using an adjustment layer allows you a lot more control. You can go back anytime and amend the values of the Levels and apply the changes selectively using a layer mask.
• When using layer masks, use the bracket buttons ‘[ ]‘ to enlarge and decrease brush size and use ‘x’ to switch between black and white.



Much respect to Simon Dewey for the intro GFX [link] and the Assembly Worker for the audio recording and title track [link]

Thanks for viewing guys, please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Conzz 8-)

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8 Responses to “Core Skills: Photoshop Levels [HD] Video Tutorial”

  1. ianARTic says:

    perfection mate :):):)

  2. Moo says:

    Well, its not really a Level (tool) tutorial… more of a contrast one. You skipped 95% of the tool feature and utility…

  3. Renyn says:

    bgw points, channel adjustement on separate functions, Alt for contrast levels, 0/255 balance, histogram utility, layer style on the tool, below function and couple of other things ~ should just get on Curve instead

    • conzpiracy says:

      Gonna get on checking those features out.. I always preferred using levels for boosting contrasts – I produced this tutorial as an introductory for those not using it in their workflow, Thanks for the headsup 8-)

  4. Kiren says:

    This a great method, had no clue how to do levels without the destructive option that I’m used to doing. Thanks for this man:)

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