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Kiren’s Digital Scream: November 2012


With all the advancements Photoshop has made over the years, I think the biggest has to be the ability to paint and blend colors. Traditional painters, who were tied down to canvases, now have a wide array of tools at their disposal within Photoshop. The line between photograph and illustration has officially been blurred. Take a look below at some of these brilliant digital creations and tell me other wise.

November 2012: Top 20 Picks

Are You Afraid Of Clowns? by 25kartinok (DeviantArt)

Color of the Wind by Notmystyle (DeviantArt)

Drowning in Blood and Tears by Boss Logic (DeviantArt)

Energy Nightmare by Pedrohlr (Shadowness)

Falling Star by ChisSweetArt (Shadowness)

Fungi by Fantasio (DeviantArt)

Growth Accelerator by Cakobelo (DeviantArt)

Human Athom by AIMaNeGrA (DeviantArt)

Masquerade by Yangxueguo (DeviantArt)

Mesmerizing by EmbrisionArts (DeviantArt)

Old Witch by Yannick Bouchard (DeviantArt)

Plastic (Lana Del Rey) by Pollypixels (DeviantArt)

PM by Imperoli (DeviantArt)

Rigor by Weiss Christian (DeviantArt)

Sasquatch Reborn by Dahoota (DeviantArt)

Secrets by Bukajlewa (DeviantArt)

Small Beginnings by Arvalis (DeviantArt)

Waking Up 2 by AllaD8 (DeviantArt)

Where She Keeps Secrets by Miraccoon (DeviantArt)

The Left Hand of Darkness by Rob Shields (DeviantArt)

I hope you all enjoyed these excellent selections for the Month of November!

Kiren :)

Kirenindigital Online: Official Site | Facebook | Behance | DeviantArt | Twitter

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11 Responses to “Kiren’s Digital Scream: November 2012”

  1. What a wonderful selection. Thanks a lot for including my creation!

  2. conzpiracy says:

    Weiss Christian is definitely a new favourite – right up my street 8-)

    Nice share!!

  3. bukajlewa says:

    Amazing feature, it’s an honour to be featured too. Thank you!

  4. kode says:

    Thanks so much guys. much love

  5. Yang Xueguo says:

    Very impressive

  6. Chelsea says:

    Wow, awesome collection! Thanks for including mine :)

  7. Abbey says:

    You guys, hands down, have the best features this side of the internet.

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