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Kiren’s Digital Scream: October 2012


It’s all about the details, don’t let anyone tell you other wise. The more time you spend on the little things, the better your photo manipulations will be. Don’t be afraid to zoom in and make sure that background image is masked right or if that shadow cast is realistic enough. Trust me, over the years I’ve been focusing more and more on the small details. Below are some fantastic examples of others attention to detail.


October 2012: Top 20 Picks


Angelique by Katja Faith (DeviantArt)

Communication by Patschwork (DeviantArt)

Eddie Somewhere In Time by JJasso (DeviantArt)

From The Shadows by Naked Intervention (DeviantArt)

Gone by Martin Grohs (DeviantArt)

Hide And Seek by Omen2501 (DeviantArt)

Leda by Marcela Bolivar (DeviantArt)

My Little Piece of Hell by Y44 (DeviantArt)

Nirvana by Aegis-Strife (DeviantArt)

Raven by Anotherwanderer (DeviantArt)

Serpentarium by Dihaze (DeviantArt)

Shatter by Mark Tarrisse (DeviantArt)

Suicide 01 by Mehmeturgut (DeviantArt)

Skull by Darkraven002 (DeviantArt)

Team Gold by Michael O (DeviantArt)

The Afterlife by Bergamind (DeviantArt)

The Lunatic Fringe by Rusulka D (DeviantArt)

Volcanic Landscape by Pavart (DeviantArt)

Winds of Horus by 3mmi (DeviantArt)

Argument Omega Final by Polarlex (DeviantArt)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s selections! Make sure to link us back and spread the word!

Kiren :)

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8 Responses to “Kiren’s Digital Scream: October 2012”

  1. lex says:

    pleased to be a part of such a wonderful collection!

    Thanks, Kiren!

  2. conzpiracy says:

    Powerful selection once again mate 8-)

  3. 3mmi says:

    Once again, thank you Kiren for your support, awesome selection !

  4. Laura says:

    Thanks again for including my work together with all these great images!

  5. Yã Izidoro says:

    thx Kiren but my nick is Y44N haha

  6. Wow. Thanks for including me with all of these wonderful artists!

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