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Kiren’s Digital Scream: September 2012


From the expert to the hobbyist, leaving your artistic stamp on the world has never been easier. You can say the rise of the internet and online design communities have negatively leveled the playing field as far as professionals go, these are not necessarily bad things. Unknown artists in the past, who would have had a difficult time getting exposure, now have a fighting chance.

September 2012: Top 20 Picks

Aftermath by Luchenticius (DeviantArt)

Cinema by Csaba Fekete (Behance)

Corpus Delicti by Papa Ninja (DeviantArt)

Cyberatonica: Assembly by Vitaly Sokol (DeviantArt)

Devotion by Maksimilijian Gecevic (Behance)

Do You Feel Lucky Punk? by Irregularpolygon (Behance)

Ember by Luchenticius (DeviantArt)

Fallen by Jordy Roelofs (Behance)

Hunting Lesson by Rafunsel (DeviantArt)

Negative Baptism by The Flickerees (DeviantArt)

Peace by Messy Jessy 20 (DeviantArt)

Sentinel by Jaiden Wray (DeviantArt)

Subhuman by Lukas Lanko (Behance)

Submariner by Jason Juta (DeviantArt)

Taluda Rebeldia by Mexguillen (Shadowness)

The Cage Keeper by Richard Roberts (Behance)

The Human by Gestiefeltemieze (DeviantArt)

Vulcano Dragon’s Bay by Martin Benes (Behance)

Wither by Abbey Marie (DeviantArt)

Metamorphosis By Moe Pike Soe (Behance)

Hope you enjoyed these selections for September! Till next time…

Kiren :)

Kirenindigital Online: Official Site | Facebook | Behance | DeviantArt | Twitter


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7 Responses to “Kiren’s Digital Scream: September 2012”

  1. Abbey says:

    Thank you so much for featuring “Wither”! It’s an honor.

  2. Lukas says:

    Hey guys, Im very honored by choosing my “Subhuman” artwork for your selection, muchly appreciated;)

  3. Kiren says:

    You guys are very welcome! Keep up the great work.

  4. conzpiracy says:

    Man oh man.. This month’s selection is really diverse!! Only a matter of time before this feature is world famous in the photo manip community ;)

  5. Elisa says:

    Amazing selection!! I’m so proud that you featured “Hunting Lesson” in it!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring. :)

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