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Kiren’s Digital Scream: Week 4


Almost like a magic wand, Photoshop allows you to create images beyond the mind’s imagination. With the knowledge of different tools and techniques, nothing is impossible while creating surreal imagery. It’s really up to the artist to push the boundaries. Like they say, the only person that is holding you back is yourself. With this, I give you my picks for the week below. :)

Week 4: Top 5 Picks

Skyscraper by Josedavids (Shadowness)

Not So Colorful by Keid (Shadowness)

Tsunami by Binouse49 (DeviantArt)

Pump by ekud (DeviantArt)

60538 by Kubicki (DeviantArt)

Hopefully these fantastic images showed you the many possibilities Photoshop has to offer, as well as the talented artists themselves.
Kiren :)

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2 Responses to “Kiren’s Digital Scream: Week 4”

  1. conzpiracy says:

    Perfect selection, loving your work Kiren!

  2. Kiren says:

    Thanks man, always good to hear :)

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