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Stock Corner: Marble Textures


This week’s stock corner features five exclusive high-resolution surreal textures, created from thin slivers of marble,  for use in your artwork as a texture or a background.

All photos are provided as free and unrestricted stock, for commercial or non-commercial usage – no strings attached. No credit is required, but a link to SurrealPSD homepage would be greatly appreciated, so that others can find and use the stock.



Download Marble Stock Pack Here



Download Marble Stock Pack Here



Download Marble Stock Pack Here



Download Marble Stock Pack Here



Download Marble Stock Pack Here

If you would like to leave a link to your finished artwork in the reply box below, it would be wonderful to see what you have created. A selection of the artwork created from the stock will be featured from time to time on SurrealPSD.

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7 Responses to “Stock Corner: Marble Textures”

  1. Seamus says:

    I think these would be really great to use inverted as a veiny skin texture. I may have to try that out later.

  2. EveLivesey says:

    Sounds great! Let me know how you get on :-)

  3. Eddie Guiry says:

    Hi, thanks for those. I’ve been looking for a marble texture for a while but couldn’t find one that was quite right. I’ll try these and see.

  4. conzpiracy says:

    Weird looking textures! Like the other commenters, I bet there’s some good skin applications for these 8-)

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