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Student Feature 2012 – 2013


Student Feature 2012-2013 Title PostLecturing at Canterbury Christchurch University (Broadstairs Campus, Canterbury Campus) is by far the greatest ‘day-job’ I’ve ever had. I teach a number of different modules, however it’s the ‘Advanced Photoshop’ lectures where we seriously refine our creative practice. Featured here is a selection of works by students I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year.


Some of these students (1st YRs) have been using the software for a matter of months, and it’s amazing what can be achieved in such a short amount of time. You can see a clear progression between 1st year and 2nd year work; just one year of concetrated effort can yield huge leaps in overall skill. Be sure to connect with the artists you like, and expand their creative networks. Enjoy!!


YR 2, Advanced Photoshop (Broadstairs)

Triangle by Rageport (Behance)

Triangle by Rageport

Tennis Babe by Rageport (Behance)

Tennis Babe by RageportRise by maxeliotbuch (Behance)

Rise by maxeliotbuchTranquility by maxeliotbuch

Tranquility by maxeliotbuchPredator by cliv3101 (DeviantArt)

Predator by cliv3101The Trinity by cliv3101

Trinity cliv31012013 by Elliot Galbraith (DeviantArt)

2013 by Elliot GalbraithMidnight City by Elliot Galbraith (DeviantArt)

Midnight City by Elliot GalbraithPencil Me Up by tweetytweena (DeviantArt)

Pencil Me Up by tweetytweenaVexel Moi by tweetytweena (DeviantArt)

Vexel Moi by tweetytweenaThe Concept of Time by richarddadi (DeviantArt)

The Concept of Time by richarddadi

Urban New York by peterp205 (DeviantArt)

Urban New York by peterp205YR1 Modules – Broadstairs & Canterbury

Riot Cop Composite by bradley-meader (DeviantArt)

Riot Cop Composite by bradley-meader (DeviantArt)Utopia [Moving to the Moon] by EllDevil (DeviantArt)

Utopia by EllDevilNature Composite by HawkeM (DeviantArt)

Nature Composite by HawkeMMech Head by wickedheadrush (DeviantArt)

Mech Head by wickedheadrushAngel of Death by saltedm8 (DeviantArt)

Angel of Death by saltedm8Review

It’s crazy how fast you can develop your Photoshop skills – that’s what makes the artform accessible and appealing to many budding digital artists. I’ll be putting together a full-course (video tutorials) that outlines the exact process I used to instruct the students featured here today. Subscribe at the top-right if you want to know more, I’ll keep y’all posted on that!! Well done to all the students I worked with this year, Ive enjoyed it thoroughly :)

Conzz 8-)

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4 Responses to “Student Feature 2012 – 2013”

  1. Claudia says:

    It was really a hard choice, all stunning concepts and realizations!
    I have to admit my fave is Predator by cliv3101 (already faved on dA).. lovely =)

  2. Gabriel says:

    I liked riot cop. I just wish there wasnt the glow around his head. Other than that it looks really good.

  3. Peter Brewster says:

    Standard was really high!!

    Thanks again Conzz for all the help you gave us even though i study Webdesign the main teaching i took away from the lessons wasn’t just the technical which obviously is important but MORE importantly was the approach to creative design and creative stealing ;-)

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