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The Darkclub Blog


Darkclub Blog Title PostDarkclub started life as a DeviantArt group, populated with connoisseurs of the macabre and artists in every media. What started as a little group has grown into a sizeable collective across the web, with an emphasis on quality dark arts. A broad range of media is represented in their features, including photography, digital painting, photomanipulation, body-art, modelling, natural media and more.


In Dark We Trust..

Founded in 2006 by BloodyZone, Darkclub went on to gain ‘super-group’ status and amass a sizeable following of 12,000 members and 13,000 watchers – with many members being active contributors of dark art.

From DA, the collective spread to other corners of the web, assimilating more purveyors of dark-art in it’s wake. The latest channel to seek out regular features, interviews and inspiration can be found at the brand new Darkclub Blog. Here are some recent submissions from the blog – enjoy!!


Contagion by Elisanth

Contagion by Elisanth (DeviantArt)

Creating a Nightmarish Creature by ptitvinc

Creating a Nightmarish Creature by ptitvinc (DeviantArt)

Dead by Dawn by TrizTaess

Dead by Dawn by TrizTaess (DeviantArt)

We All Fall Down by DamienWorm

We All Fall Down by DamienWorm (DeviantArt)

Scheletro Umano by Andrea Schillaci

Scheletro Umano by Andrea Schillaci (DeviantArt)

The Hunger by Chaotic-AlterEgo

The Hunger by Chaotic-AlterEgo (DeviantArt)


To join the darkside, you can connect via the following channels:

DeviantArt | WordPress Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Conzz 8-)

Follow on Twitter >> @Conzpiracy

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