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The Logic of SurrealPSD


SurrealPSD is a tutorial website, that much is true – but what I aim to create is an entirely different creature altogether. For the first two months of posting, I will be refraining from uploading ‘whizz-bang’ crowd pleasing tutorials, because I believe that learning the fundamentals of Photoshop is the true key to unlocking our creative potential.

SurrealPSD focuses solely on creative photo manipulation, that is what we’re about – and the aim is to get everyone up to scratch when we start hitting the real good stuff. As opposed to diving straight in with hardcore walkthroughs I’d like to get everyone established with the real meat and bones of what photo manipulation is about: The Core Skills. This journey will start with strong foundations.


The Core Skills

Proficiency with layer masks, the pen tool, layer controls, shortcuts, adjustment layers etc. make up part of the skill-set that will be examined through tutorials, articles and HD videos. Once your gliding across the screen like a Jedi masking a complex image using a combination of the pen tool, layer masks and soft edged brushes I’d say we’re ready to roll. For those already highly proficient in Photoshop, stick with me here; it may be interesting to see how the ‘other-guy’ does things and you may learn something new. If Ive missed something out, or you know a better way of achieving results – then tell me! The article that I wrote on DeviantArt asking other users for their useful tips and shortcuts was one of the best learning experiences of my life, and changed my workflow considerably.

Discussion will be very important, and I do hope the site becomes a shared hub for photo manipulation excellence.


The Good Stuff

With a solid foundation, we can all move onto the real juicy side of photo manipulation: creating post-apocalyptic wastelands, grafting cybernetic implants onto beautiful women and removing a guys lower jaw to reveal a grue spattered maw. Pure escapism, creating the unreal. Thats the buzz. As I learn new techniques and glean information from other users, that knowledge will be regurgitated through the site in the form of new tutorials and musings.



Will this initial approach attract visitors by the butt-load? Propably not. There are many sites and training schemes that offer the outlandish promise ‘Learn Photoshop in 2 hours!!111 lol’, but that quick-fix mentality shouldn’t be thrown at any artform. Get to grips with the fundamentals, acquire new skills and then really push forward with the innovation, that’s where it’s at.

My aim is to create a spiritual home for the art of photo manipulation; and I’m looking for people to be a part of the site, join the discussion and contribute their knowledge and experiences.

Subscribe to SurrealPSD via RSS or submit your email address via the contact-form if you’d like to be kept up to date on new tutorials and walkthroughs.

Conzz 8-)

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Image Credit: Rubiks cube by MeHere on SXC [link]

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9 Responses to “The Logic of SurrealPSD”

  1. Dicks says:

    Cool stuff dude. I’m less tradition and less of a perfectionist in this, but you have a good thing going :)


  2. ianARTic says:

    Well done mate. I cant wait. If you need any help, feel free to ask. :) Good luck and have fun.

  3. rEyeD33 says:

    That’s a very good approach for a tutorial site.
    Personally I learned (still learning) about photomanipulation through all kinds of random tutorials around the web. It would have been nice if I had a place to go to learn the basics first and then move on to more complicated techniques.
    I think this is a good way to go. Good luck!

    • conzpiracy says:

      Hopefully SurrealPSD can be the place where someone can learn from scratch or a go-to site to further develop their existing skills and discuss technqiues :)

  4. Kiren says:

    There are so many people who believe that Photoshop is easy to learn. It is not. Trial and error and years of practice separate the amateurs from the skilled. I constantly learn new stuff from the basics, I believe the sky is the limit once it is grasped. Look forward to more posts!

  5. Billthenewguy says:

    I believe this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A site that focuses on how to do things properly, from the absolute basics.

    You had me at “grue spattered maw”…

    I can’t wait to see where this is (be)headed.

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