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Bloodshot Eyes – Photoshop Video Tutorial


Bloodshot Eyes Photoshop Video Tutorial - Title PostFor the final installment of this years Terror Season, we have a grisly bloodshot eye effect, which is certain to add serious menace to any horror photomanipulation!! The overall technique is fairly straightforward to achieve, and uses many of the the ‘go-to’ tools in the photoshop workflow; Layer Masks, Adjustment Layers, Selections and Layer Modes. The overall effect is hyper-realistic and tonnes of fun to create.. Enjoy!!



Before / After:

Bloodshot Eyes Photoshop Video Tutorial - Before and After


That’s a good run of horror walkthroughs for now.. maybe we’ll mix it up a bit and go for some Abstract / Mixed Media next – who knows!! Got something you’d like to see covered here? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Great tutorial!!

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    will you please upload this on dailymotion, as youtube is banned in my country.

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    Its a wounderful tut, thanks for sharing.

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