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Giger Style Photoshop Tutorial


Giger Photoshop Tutorial Title PostFor the final installment of our Sci-Fi series, I thought it would be good to up the ante and do something real crazy. The following walkthrough outlines the techniques and resources used to create a Giger influenced ‘Biomech’ piece. Read more

Sci Fi Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial - Title PostWhether they’re big budget smashes or critical failures, movie posters represent some of the best compositing work on the planet. In this walkthrough we’ll be using compositing techniques, lighting and type to create a Sci Fi flavoured ‘one-sheet’ to promote a fictional film. Read more

photoshop android face tutorial title postI thought it would be rude to run a Sci-Fi series here at SurrealPSD without finishing off our ‘Photoshop Android’ walkthrough. So, here’s a tutorial guide showing you how to create an awesome mechanoid face for your android creations – better late than never I suppose!! Read more

Space Vixen Photoshop Tutorial Title PostAfter an epic run with our Horror series, we’re now shifting focus to the wonderful world of Sci Fi. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be creating sci fi, cyberpunk and futuristic concepts and creations, using a range of photomanipulation techniques in Photoshop. Read more

Highlights and WiresWe’re on the home-stretch.. The Photoshop Android is nearing completion, with the final stages focusing on the finishing touches. Read more

Photoshop Android: Panel Work



Photoshop Android Panel Works Title PostThe Photoshop Android saga continues, with this installment focusing on the panel sections of our cybernetic beauty. Read more

Photoshop Android Machine Works Title PostAlthough designed to look and act like humans, many Androids have mechanical elements that reveal their artificial nature.  Using Photoshop there are a myriad of techniques that can be used to create the illusion of working robotics, in this edition however we will be focusing on the integration of stock elements to achieve the desired results. Read more

Photoshop Android: Mech Spines


Photoshop Cyborg Mech Spines Title PostBeing a massive Cyberpunk fan I was naturally drawn toward biomech and PostHuman art. Photoshop is an excellent tool for realising fantastic concepts, particularly sci fi enhancements and robotic elements. Read more