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Tutorial Index

Would you like to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don't know where to start? Check out our Tutorial Index, which lists all articles in order from Beginner to Advanced:

SurrealPSD Tutorial Index

Tutorial Index

Want to learn the art of photo manipulation, but don’t know where to start? The articles of SurrealPSD are listed here in order, categorised by difficulty level and article type.

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Core Skills: Starting Out

• An Introduction to Photoshop >> A gentle introduction to Adobe Photoshop, providing an overview of it’s uses and interface.

• Photomanipulation Terms Explained >> Beef up your Photomanipulation lingo with this handy guide to the common terms.

• Core Skills: Document Setup in Adobe Photoshop >> Setting up new documents in Photoshop.

• Core Skills: Photoshop Layers Part 1 >> An explanation of the absolute basics of Photoshop Layers.

• Core Skills: Photoshop Layers Part 2 >> Photoshop layer techniques and functions explained a bit more in-depth.

• Core Skills: Photoshop Selection Tools >> An introduction to the common selection tools and modifiers used in Adobe Photoshop.

• Core Skills: Photoshop Layer Masks >> Photoshop Layer Masks explained. Use and understand masks with this jargon-free guide.

• 10 Photo Manipulation Tips for Beginners >> Avoid the pitfalls that many hobbyists fall into and instantly improve your photo manipulation skills. Ten bitesize tips to get you on your way.

• Core Skills: Photoshop Levels [HD] Video Tutorial >> Introducing the Levels command in Adobe Photoshop and it’s uses for photo manipulation.


Core Skills: Intermediate

• Core Skills: Photoshop Pen Tool [HD] Video Tutorial >> Learn the most versatile function in Photoshop, the Pen Tool!

• Core Skills: Photoshop Adjustment Layers >> Harness the power of Photoshop Adjustment Layers. The non-destructive method of applying Image Adjustments.

Core Skills: Selecting Stock Photography >> Improve the quality of your photo manipulation by being more selective with your stock resources.

• Core Skills: Anatomy of a Photo Manipulation >> A walkthrough explaining the elements of a complex photo manipulation.

• Photoshop Textures Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Learn how to create interesting texture effects using blending techniques in Photoshop.


Lighting Techniques

• Lighting in Photo Manipulation Part 1 (Level: Beginner) >> Take the principles of traditional lighting techniques and apply them to your Photoshop work. Part 1 of a series on lighting in photo manipulation.

• Lighting in Photo Manipulation Part 2 (Level: Intermediate) >> Achieve a sense of realism in your photo manipulation work with these simple shadow techniques in Photoshop.

• Lighting in Photo Manipulation Part 3 (Level: Intermediate) >> Understand highlights and add energy to your photo manipulation work. Tips, theory and links.

•Highlights in Photo Manipulation (Level: Intermediate) >> Add highlights to your fine-art work in Photoshop for ambience, depth and realism.

• Movie Poster Lighting in Photoshop (Level: Intermediate) >> Use the light shaping techniques of the pros to create dramatic, eye catching work.


Compositing (Background Removal)

• Compositing Animals Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Learn how to cut out animals in Photoshop with ease, using the powerful Refine Edge function and some other sneaky tricks!!

• Brunette Background Removal (Level: Advanced) >> A simple technique for isolating hair with clinical precision.

• Background Removal with Layer Masks (Level: Beginner) >> Step away from those quick-selection tools and harness the power of Layer Masks for professional background removal in Photoshop.

• Pen Tool Background Removal (Level: Advanced) >> Use the Pen Tool and Layer Masks to perform professional background removal in Photoshop.

• Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5 (Level: Intermediate) >> Deal with hair like never before with Photoshop CS5’s new Refine Edge command..


Horror Walkthroughs

• White Glossy Eyes – Photoshop Video Tutorial >> Create realistic white glossy eyes in Photoshop for that vacant undead look, with this video tutorial.

• Bloodshot Eyes Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Create mean looking bloodshot eyes with this Photoshop horror walkthrough.

• 80s Slasher Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use Selective Color, Lighting and Compositing techniques to create a truly badass 80s style Slasher Poster in this Horror Tutorial.

• Photoshop Rage Virus Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Use a selection of Photomanipulation techniques to create an awesome infected Rage Virus look with this Photoshop walkthrough.

• Flaming Skull Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Learn how to convert your ordinary stock into painterly works of art with compositing and overpainting techniques!!

• Halloween Photoshop: Slenderman Walkthrough (Level: Advanced) >> Use photomanipulation and digital painting techniques to create the creepy Slenderman character.

• Halloween Photoshop: Stitches Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Create torn skin and grisly stitches with this Photoshop Horror Walkthrough.

• Halloween Photoshop: Skull Face Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Create a ghoulish Skull Face effect with this Halloween flavoured Photoshop Walkthrough.

• Halloween Photoshop: Evil Eyes Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use Photomanipulation techniques to create creepy evil eyes in this Photoshop walkthrough.

• Photoshop Zombie: Undead Eyes (Level: Intermediate) >> Learn how to create believable undead eyes in Photoshop. Part 1 of the Photoshop Zombie series.

• Photoshop Zombie: Skeletal Features (Level: Intermediate) >> Create evil skeletal features in part 2 of Photoshop Zombie, photo manipulation tutorial.

• Photoshop Zombie: Flesh Wounds (Level: Advanced) >> Create grisly torn flesh effects in Adobe Photoshop using texture techniques, layer masks and digital painting.

• Raw Deal Project Part 1 (Level: Beginner) >> A Photoshop walkthrough that shows the true creative process, warts n’ all! Part 1: Concept and mood boards. (Part 2: Stock and background removal).

• Black Demon Eyes in Photoshop (Level: Beginner) >> Learn how to create believable demonic black eyes in Photoshop with this simple tutorial.

• True Blood: Photoshop Vampire Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Emulate the amazing True Blood Poster with this vampire themed Photoshop Tutorial.


Sci Fi Walkthroughs

• Giger Style Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Create a complex ‘biomech’ photomanipulation with this Giger inspired Photoshop Walkthrough.

• Sci Fi Movie Poster Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use compositing and lighting effects to create an awesome BIG budget movie poster in Photoshop.

• Space Vixen Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Create a funky 60s inspired Space Vixen with this Photoshop Walkthrough. Compositing, Retouch and Digital Painting techniques!

• Photoshop Android: Mech Spines (Level: Advanced) >> Create hostile looking Cyberpunk spines using simple digital painting techniques in this Photoshop walkthrough.

• Photoshop Android: Machine Works (Level: Advanced) >> Create stunning Android creations in Photoshop using stock photography and photo manipulation techniques.

• Photoshop Android: Panel Work (Level: Advanced) >> Use simple digital painting techniques to achieve a sense of 3D in your Sci Fi work.

• Photoshop Android: Highlights and Wires (Level: Advanced) >>  Use the Pen Tool and Brushes to produce glossy highlights and wires in your Sci Fi work.

• Photoshop Android Part 5: Mech-A-Face (Level: Advanced) >> ‘Mech’ an awesome android face in Photoshop using Vexel Digital Painting and Photomanipulation techniques.


Fantasy Walkthroughs

• Dark Abstract Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Use compositing techniques to create an elegant, dark Abstract piece with this Photomanipulation Walkthrough.

• Dreamy Painted Style Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Use Compositing and Mixer Brush techniques to create a dreamy photomanipulation with a painted look.

• Digital Collage Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use vintage scans, photographs and textures to create an awesome Digital Collage artwork in Photoshop.

• Muertos Style Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Create an elegant Tattoo inspired Muertos piece with this Photoshop Tutorial!

• Fantasy Lighting – Expert Tips (All Levels) >> Create deep hue Fantasy Lighting in Photoshop with this collection of Expert Tips.

• Photoshop Body Paint Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Create realistic body paint effects with this Fantasy inspired Photoshop walkthrough.

• The Crow – Digital Painting Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Learn Pro Digital Painting techniques in Photoshop with this free tutorial guide by Whiley Dunsmore.


Beauty & Retouch

• Contour Shaping – Photoshop Retouch Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Use simple Digital Painting techniques to add makeup to your photographs with this video tutorial.

• Removing Objects – Photoshop Video Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> This video tutorial outlines a range of techniques that can be used in Photoshop for removing / hiding objects, including content-aware, patch tool and digital painting.

• Gothic Makeover Photoshop Video Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Transform your photography with this evil ‘Gothic Makeover’ Photoshop Tutorial using compositing and processing techniques.

• Cinematic Sharpening – Photoshop Video Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Discover how to finish off your Photomanipulation work with Cinematic flair, in this simple video walkthrough.

• Photoshop Beauty Retouch for Beginners (Level: Intermediate) >> Learn top tier retouch techniques using Layer Masks in this informative walkthrough.

• Basic Photoshop Retouch Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Apply beauty enhancement retouch techniques with this simple walkthrough.

• Photoshop Makeup with Soft Light (Level: Intermediate) >> Produce stunning digital makeup effects in Photoshop, using the Soft Light layer mode.

• Photoshop Makeup Tutorial (Level: Advanced) >> Produce amazing Photo-realistic makeup effects with this Photoshop walkthrough.

• Skin Tone Correction Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Correct skin tones using Curves with this Photoshop Tutorial.


Type Effects

• B-Movie Title – Photoshop Type Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use type, processing and compositing techniques to create an awesome B-Movie inspired title with this Photoshop Video Tutorial.

• Blood Type Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use brushes, layer modes and masks to create a raw looking bloody type effect in this Photoshop Walkthrough.

• Photoshop Chrome Type Tutorial (Level: Intermediate) >> Use simple lighting effects to produce a sleek chrome-like effect for type in Photoshop.

• Ghost Text Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Add an air of mystery and ethereal menace to your type with these straightforward steps.

• Destroy Text in Photoshop (Intermediate) >> Transform any typeface with this great looking grunge effect in Photoshop, much like the awesome Band of Brothers and 28 Days Later logos.

• Epic Movie Photoshop Type Tutorial (Advanced) >> Use faux-3D effects to create epic movie type with this Photoshop walkthrough.


Odds n’ Ends

• Ultimate Black and White Photoshop Tutorial (Level: Beginner) >> Discover the many methods for achieving the ‘perfect’ Black and White, in this Photoshop Video Tutorial.

• Instant Backgrounds in Photoshop (Level: Beginner) >> Create simple dramatic backgrounds in Photoshop using gradients and brushes.

• Vexel Style Portraits, Part 1 (Level: Advanced) >> Create stunning vexel portraits using bezier and soft-edged techniques. Part 1 of 2.

• Vexel Style Portraits, Part 2 (Level: Advanced) >> In the second installment of our Photoshop Vexel tutorial, we adapt the bezier and soft-edged techniques to create stylised hair.

• Photo Manip Deconstructed >> A look at the various Photoshop techniques used in a complex photo manipulation.

• Ambient Colour in Photoshop >> Apply colour-casts in Photoshop for ambience and mood.

• Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts >> Here is a roundup of my Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts. Essential time-savers for an efficient workflow.



• Rule of Thirds – Photoshop Video Tutorial >> Learn how to improve your composition using Rule of Thirds, with this Photoshop Video Tutorial.

• A Photo Manipulators Manifesto >> The democratising nature of photo manipulation.

• Why Photo Manipulation Rules >> Examining the power of photo manipulation.

• The Importance of Scale and Composition >> Learn the time-proven techniques of composition and improve your digital art.

• Colour Theory & Composition >> Check out this great new DeviantArt article series covering the uses of art-theory in photo manipulation.

• Depth of Field in Photo Manipulation >> Find out how the principles of photography and fine-art can be used to create a sense of depth in your photo manipulation work.

• Know your basics – Perspective >> Kuschelirmel’s awesome theory series continues, with this installment focusing on perspective in photo manipulation.

• The Power of Observation >> Learn how observing the work of your peers will improve your Photoshop skills.

• The Logic of SurrealPSD >> SurrealPSD aims to teach the Core Skills of Photo Manipulation, and then progress onto the real juicy, creative aspects of Photoshop.


Networking, Industry & Education

• So You’d Like to be a Cover Artist? >> A collection of tips to help you break into the world of book cover design.

• 5 Lesser Known Benefits of Attending Design School >> Are you thinking of making the jump and going to Design School? This short guide outlines some of the hidden benefits the experience can bring.

• 5 Surefire Ways to Kickstart Your Marketing Strategy >> There’s a lot more to getting your name out there, than screaming out your products and services. In this handy guide we break down marketing for the Digital Artist.

• Freelancing: Repeat Business is Everything >> Repeat Business is the lifeblood of the Freelance Digital Artist. This guide outlines how you can become an indespensable asset for your client.

• How to Create Flyer Previews for Clients >> Use shortcuts in Photoshop to quickly and efficiently create Flyer Previews for Clients.

• The Realities of a Freelance Digital Artist > A ‘warts n all’ look at the life of a Freelance Digital Artist.

• Freelance Advice for the Digital Artist >> Honest advice for those seeking work as a freelance Digital Artist.

• Digital Artists Guide to gaining Work Experience >> Get the lowdown on securing freelance work as a digital artist.

• 10 tips for University Success >> Get the most value from your University course and improve grades with these 10 tips.

• 10 ways to Increase your Audience on DeviantArt >> 10 tips for increasing your audience on DeviantArt, the world’s largest art community.

• Producing Flyers in Photoshop >> A guide to producing flyers in Photoshop with tips on formatting for print and checking color modes.

• Site Review: >> A review of art community website.

• Site Review: >> Reviewing the features of one of the web’s top pro-sites.