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Contour Shaping – Photoshop Makeup Tutorial


Contour Shaping Photoshop Makeup Tutorial Title PostI came across some photos illustrating pro-makeup techniques, where the features of the face are accentuated by tones and then smudged accordingly.. I thought this would transfer well to Photoshop, and after some experimentation it turns out this is a pretty swish processing technique. This effect can really add some ‘production value’ to any high res photo. As ever, use this video as a starting point, and take the technique to the next level!!


Contour Shaping:

Contour Shaping Photoshop Makeup Tutorial - Before and After

Effect Build-up:

Contour Shaping Photoshop Makeup Tutorial - Effect Build-up

Video Tutorial – See How it’s Done:

Makeup Image References from:, &



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  1. mohsen0311 says:

    can u put the link of eye retouching i cant find

  2. Tina says:

    I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this! Thanks!

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